Homeless seniors deserve housing and medical support.As Alameda faces an unprecedented housing and homelessness crisis, a respected nonprofit, the Alameda Point Collaborative, is doing something about it. They obtained an agreement to use abandoned federal buildings in Alameda, secured funding from private, federal, and county sources, and went through the appropriate approval processes with the city, county, and federal government.

Their vision, the Alameda Wellness Center, is designed to help vulnerable individuals with high-level and complex health needs get the care they deserve. While the Center will be a regional solution to homelessness, 50% of the services will be dedicated to Alameda residents. These services include:

  • 80-90 units of Senior Permanent Supportive Housing.
  • A 50-bed recuperative care medical respite center for homeless adults departing hospitals or undergoing intensive medical treatment in Alameda County.
  • A resource center that provides linkages to resources and housing advocacy for Alameda residents experiencing or at-risk of homelessness.

This kind of facility is desperately needed in our town, and importantly, no City of Alameda taxpayer dollars are required for the Alameda Wellness Center. In fact, it will save our community money by preventing our neighbors from falling into homelessness and by taking homeless seniors off the streets, avoiding costly emergency services and uncompensated medical care.

The mission of the Alameda Wellness Center is simple: improve the quality of life of seniors who are medically frail and living on our streets. All of us deserve the dignity of compassionate medical care when we are sick, and no one, least of all our seniors, should be abandoned without a roof overhead. By Tuesday, April, 9th, 2019, be sure to stand up for Alameda values. Vote Yes on Measure A and No on Measure B.

Sounds Good. So Why Is This On the Ballot?

The compassionate care provided by the Alameda Wellness Center is broadly supported in our community, including by a supermajority of our City Council. Unfortunately, wealthy opponents to the Alameda Wellness Center paid signature gathers nearly $20,000 to use the ballot box to stop the facility. Their campaign hid who paid for the signature gathering until a complaint was filed by the head of Alameda’s Open Government Commission.

Their misleading initiative is Measure B. They falsely claim it’s about Crab Cove, but Measure B doesn’t create an inch of new open space. In fact, the East Bay Regional Parks District, which manages Crab Cove, said these abandoned buildings are “not suitable for park expansion.” The only thing Measure B would create is blight – and more medically frail homeless seniors on Alameda streets.

The McKay Property Today An artist's rendition of the Alameda Wellness Center's garden

LEFT: The McKay Avenue property today.
RIGHT: An artist's rendering of the proposed community garden at the Alameda Wellness Center.

To give voters an opportunity to affirm support for helping medical frail homeless seniors in our community, the City Council added Measure A, the Caring Alameda Act, to the ballot. Both will be decided in a special election on April 9, 2019.

We’re confident that an overwhelming majority of Alameda voters are good and decent people who want vulnerable homeless seniors to have the dignity of medical treatment and a roof overhead. But we also know that special elections have a notoriously low turnout that can skew results. So we’re asking you to get involved. Please, volunteer a few hours of your time, donate to the campaign, endorse the campaign, and help us spread the word. You can make a big difference.

The choice is clear. By Tuesday, April 9, 2019, do the moral, caring, practical, and fiscally responsible thing. Vote Yes on A for a caring community and vote No on B to prevent blight.

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